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Chrissie Cole

Grand Junction Police Car Slams Truck At Intersection

The State Patrol is investigating an accident that occurred in Grand Junction on Friday night when a police officer collided with another vehicle. And it appears he may have been speeding,…

Chrissie Cole

Truck Accident Closes Down River Road For Hours

A portion of River Road was closed for more than two hours on Thursday morning following a truck accident.
A large box truck was attempting to make a left hand turn off River Road when a pickup…

Chrissie Cole

CDOT To Review Safety At Intersection

The City of Steamboat Springs has contacted the Colorado Department of Transportation to review safety at the intersection of U.S. Highway 40 and Walton Creek Road after a pedestrian was struck…

Chrissie Cole

Six Teens Injured In Rollover Accident In Grand Junction

Three teens are in critical condition at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction following a single-car accident on Wednesday.
In total, six teenagers, all from Glenwood Springs, were…

Chrissie Cole

Rollover Accident Kills One In Grand Junction

A truck rolled over into a median on I-70, in Grand Junction, on Thursday night, killing one.
The accident happened just before 8 p.m. about a mile east of the 24 Road exit. According to State…

Chrissie Cole

Crane Removes SUV From Backyard Following Crash

Thankfully no one was injured when a Grand Junction woman crashed her SUV through her garage and into her neighbor’s backyard.
Following the accident, the big question was how to remove…

Margaret Embry

Two Car Accident on F Road Leaves Three Injured

On July 23rd a two-vehicle accident occurred at the F Road and Meander Drive intersection in Grand Junction, leaving three people hospitalized, as reported by The Daily Sentinel. According to the…

Staff Writer

Drunk Driver Ends up on Airport Runway in Grand Junction

Around 3 in the morning on Monday, a car crashed into a fence at the Grand Junction Regional Airport and ended up driving on the runway before it ultimately got stuck in electrical equipment.The driver, Jamie L. Bowden, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving along with other counts. Luckily, no planes were taking off or landing in the vicinity when the accident occurred. According to Mothers…

Shannon Weidemann

Go-Cart Driver Causes Accident in Grand Junction

A man driving a go-cart through the streets of Grand Juction while he was holding a beer caught the attention of police. They tried to stop the man, but he would not stop and led them on a go-cart speed chase. He drove down alleys and around buildings. The man reportedly caused an accident when he pulled onto one street, and made a car swerve and hit something. It wasn’t clear what the car…

Staff Writer

Man arrested for year-old car accident

After a fatal motor vehicle accident that occurred nearly one year ago, a man was just arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide and other charges.The man, Jade Brandon Huskey, was originally thought to be a passenger in the car that killed a woman named Molly Gomez, presumably the driver. At the scene of the accident, Huskey admitted to drinking too much and reportedly had a blood-alcohol…