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Jenny Albano

Surgeons Fail to Report When Stuck With Needles

A study being published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that most surgeons who have accidentally stuck themselves with needles while performing surgery, failed to report their injuries. This is a major problem because this lack of reporting is putting many patients and doctors at risk for blood-borne illnesses, such as AIDS and hepatitis.Most surgeons say the main reason for needle…

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Defibrillator Manufacturer Warned by the FDA

Medical device manufacturer Cardiac Science Corp. received a formal warning from the FDA demanding that they correct safety procedures used to manufacture defibrillators. The automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are used in public locations such as government offices, sports stadiums, shopping centers and schools. They are designed to treat heart attacks by restoring healthy heart rhythms….

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Medical Malpractice and Good Samaritans

Rep. Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction has plans to introduce a bill to the Colorado Legislature (Good Samaritans in Health Care Act of 2006) which would protect doctors who volunteer their services from medical malpractice lawsuits.The bill is viewed among its supporters as a way to protect health care providers such as nurses, doctors, physical therapists, etc. from lawsuits when they are…