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Fentanyl Tablets Warning From FDA, Cephalon Oncology

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The FDA has issued on its MedWatch page an announcement about the publication of two “Dear Healthcare Professional” letters from Cephalon Oncology about potential dangers of their fentanyl buccal tablets.

Fentora is manufactured by Cephalon oncology and is indicated in the treatment of breakthrough cancer pains. Fentanyl tablets are not appropriate for patients suffering from post-operative pains, but rather are designated only for those individuals who have exhausted all other forms of opiate therapy and are thus considered ‘opioid-tolerant.’

Misapplication of Fentora and general inappropriate prescribing of fentanyl buccal tablets have been associated with severe respiratory depression and death in patients, therefore proper patient selection is paramount to reduce the risk of any catastrophic injury.

If you are taking Fentora tablets, please consult with your physician if you feel that you have been overprescribed, as you may run the risk of an overdose on this potent synthetic opioid.

For more information on this subject matter, please refer to the section on Drugs, Medical Devices and Implants.