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Public Citizen Alerts Public of Class Action Against Paxil on You Tube

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Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, decided advertise a class action suit a little differently. The group of lawyers used You Tube, a popular video website, to announce a $48 million class action settlement for people who had purchased Paxil for their kids.

There are two videos up on the website. The first video that shows a teenager wandering around looking confused, and then a news announcement about the class action for people who purchased the drug for their children. The video then directs consumers to a website that tells them how to make a claim. The second video is a 7 second video called the Paxil Chipmunk, where there chipmunk looks frightened and then the screen says, “If you took Paxil, you could get $100 or more.”

“As long as you’re honest about something, why not also be funny,” said attorney Brian Wolfman of Public Citizen.

Attorney Dwight Davis, who represented GlaxoSmithKline, said he didn’t have a problem with the video as long as it did not imply that his clients had done anything wrong.

“This is a free country and they’re certainly free to do something like this,” Davis said. But, he added, “if they’re suggesting that this child [in the video] is wandering around in a fog because they used Paxil, then we may very well have something to say about that, because that’s misleading.”

Glaxo did not admit to any wrongdoing, but they ended up agreeing on a settlement to avoid years of litigation.

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