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Grand Junction Solar Power Potential

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As officials in Grand Junction continue to push for oil shale development, Fred Pittenger, owner of the company Simplicity Solar, is looking to help people deal with rising fuel prices through another form of energy, solar power. According to an article in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Mr. Pittenger believes that solar power could be the future of Grand Junction energy as an organization ranked Grand Junction #6 in the world for the best locations to farm solar energy. In support of further efforts in developing and marketing renewable energy resources, Colorado legislators in 2004 passed Amendment 37, which mandates that utility companies put a certain percentage of resources towards renewable energy such as solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric and hydrogen fuel cells. In addition, consumers who utilize these technologies receive financial incentives. As fuel prices continue to rise and with continued government incentives solar and other forms of renewable energy are likely to become much more prevalent in Grand Junction and across the nation.