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Mirror Tossed Out Window Causes Serious Injury

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At first glance this seems to be a story of a college prank gone bad. But what if the injuries were more serious? Who’s paying for the victim’s medical bills? Is he employed and will this accident cause him to miss work?

There have been a lot of jokes circulating about the intelligence of 19-year old Rolf William Johnson. What was he thinking? Obviously, he wasn’t. Typical of so many college students (drunk or sober), they have no concept of the consequences of a seemly innocent action. Now, we could argue that this is a freak accident; this is the one-time, foolish action of an immature young man who didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, sometimes those are the exact circumstances that can lead to serious injury or even death.

Aside from the criminal charges, what some people might not understand is that Johnson could be held civilly accountable for the medical costs and lost wages that were the result of his reckless and negligent behavior.

And, what about the university? Should they be held accountable? Are the living conditions unsafe, especially if there has been a history of objects being tossed out of windows? Is this a premises liability case? Unfortunately, sometimes it takes someone getting injured or killed and a lawsuit for Corporate America (and in this case, the university, which whether they want to admit it or not, is a big business) to take note and make a change.

I’d say this is definitely the start of seven years bad luck for Rolf William Johnson.